The smartsense® Single Gas Monitor SSSG-100 is an all-in-one, customisable gas monitoring unit, reliable in all mining workplace environment.

Manufactured for your everyday safety, the IS-designed smartsense® Single Gas Monitor Terminal Module is available in two versions – with an on-board sensor to provide an all-in-one environmental monitoring solution, or as a display module to provide quick access to real-time data. Further system expansion is available through the optional external input/output ports for both versions of the terminal module. 

Due to its modular architecture; robust multi-gas monitoring systems can be customised by adding up to six SSSG-100 Sensor Modules that stack easily and neatly together. Hot-swap capability simplifies sensor calibration and replacement. The customised SSSG calibration caps make for a quick and streamlined LED-guided calibration process.

The SSSG-100 Alarm Module allows for extra safety with its wide viewing angle Red-Amber-Green visual warning system, and a 100 dBa audible alarm. 
The smartsense® Single Gas Monitor SSSG-100 functions like a “black box” as it stores critical information such as Calibration and Alarm History, and data logging for post-accident investigation. Fully programmable set points for Alarm and Output controls along with Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL) and Time Weighted Average (TWA) limits for Sensor Modules can be configured and viewed through RS485 Modbus.