Becker Mining Systems Russia (RUS) is proud to announce, that yet another client relies on Becker Mining Systems’ proven underground transportation solution. We delivered a Minetrans® suspended diesel locomotive KPCS–148 to Sibirginskaya mine of Yuzhny Kuzbass coal company. The monorail system went into operation and supports miners in their everyday work. The KPCS–148 suspended diesel locomotive is designed to transport people and materials to and from work areas which are gas and dust hazardous. The suspended monorail is capable of climbing and descending angles of up to ±300 at full payload. The Minetrans® system can carry about 50 miners simultaneously. This year the mine plans to start a new face, and the KPCS-148 monorail will significantly ease miners’ work when equipping the face.

Becker Mining Systems equipment has well performed and exceeds the mine’s specific requirements. This is why one more mine of Yuzhny Kubass, Olzherasskaya Novaja, decided to rely on the Minetrans® System. Becker Mining Systems RUS always strives to deliver convenient, comprehensive and safe equipment and services which are able to work efficiently and reliably in difficult natural conditions of Russian mines.

We want to thank Sibirginskaya mine and UK Yuzhny Kuzbass for their trust in Becker Mining Systems equipment.