On 1st of March 2019, the first  Becker Minetrans® monorail sold by Tianjin Becker Electronic Co. Ltd. (TiBeCo) to the Chinese Kouzidong Mine of SDIC Xinji Group in 2015, was returned to the TiBeCo workshops in Tianjin for a complete overhaul. 

Up until now only the original manufacturer of the Minetrans® monorails, Becker Warkop Sp. z.o.o, would be able to carry out certified overhauls of its products. With the increasing demand for the powerful Minetrans® railbound solutions over recent years, it was decided to grow local knowledge and install a certified overhaul workshop for Minetrans® products at TiBeCo in Tianjin, China. Therefore service teams of Becker Warkop aimed to install a copy of their workshops at TiBeCo and also train the Tianjin service teams accordingly to be able to carry out these repairs and overhauls. The rigorous quality control plans in place today are the same as at Becker Warkop in Poland.

After 2 years of steady investment in training of staff and building cutting-edge facilities, TiBeCo is today capable of carrying out complete and certified overhauls of Becker Minetrans® solutions directly in Tianjin and thus making it redundant to ship products back to Poland for overhauls, reducing time and costs for customers.

Within just 4 weeks, on March 28, 2019, the complete monorail system was refurbished, had passed the EX-work test and was packed to deliver.

The successful overhaul of the Minetrans® product proves the establishment of TiBeCo as another certified workshop that rounds off the comprehensive product and service range from Becker Mining Systems to its Chinese customers.

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Becker Mining Systems AG, 18.04.2019