On February 10, 2017, Christof Schuh, Senior Project Engineer at Becker Mining Europe GmbH, together with represantatives of Eurotalc s.r.o. and Prof. Dr. Sofranco held a presentation for some 50 engineering students and postgraguates of the BERG faculty (Faculta Banictva, Ekologie, Riadenia, a Geotechnologii) at the Technical University of Kosice.

Mr. Schuh presented the entire range of products currently offered by the Becker Mining Systems Group and showcased the latest project in collaboration with Eurotalc s.r.o.. Their Slovakian talc mine Gemerska Poloma (just about 70km west of Kosice) has recently been equipped with state-of-the-art underground communication technology of Becker SmartCom®.

It was a good presentation with very interesting talks and discussions from fresh minds pushing into the industry and we want to thank all attendees for their participation and interest in this showcase. We look forward to future project presentations at the Technical University of Kosice.

For more information contact:

Christoph Schuh - christof.schuh@de.becker-mining.com

Eurotalc             - office@eurotalc.sk