Proximity Detection System ( PDS )

Proximity Detection System (PDS) / Collission Awareness System (CAS)


Proximity Detection Systems (PDS) and Collision Awareness Systems (CAS) alike, are designed to prevent injury and possible loss of life during the operation of mining vehicles in close proximity to mining personnel. The systems provides an early warning indication that alerts the operator to the presence and number of personnel and vehicles in the vehicle’s vicinity. The systems facilitate bi-directional notification and alert messaging against potential collisions between the following: vehicle to person, person to vehicle and vehicle to vehicle. Since not all requirements and vehicles are the same, our systems have been designed with modularity and customization in mind. From the simplest system, consisting of only Ultra High Frequency (UHF) detection together with a CRDU200 user interface display unit, to a fully fledged system with multiple detection points consisting of our tri-technology solution with all three available technologies (UHF, Radar and Electromagnetic Field), the customer can adjust the system to their needs. The patented tri-technology system provides a scalable system suitable for all customer applications. As the only system globally using all three combined technologies, it is the most accurate, reliable, and robust system on the market. We offer two different systems for surface and underground applications:

PDS 100 (d)

Our PDS 100 product range serves for underground applications and comes optionally in a flameproof version for hazardous areas as PDS 100d. To be able to penetrate solid rock underground, it relies on different radio signals, as described above.


In surface mining applications the ICAS product range relies on GPS and VHF to accurately determine vehicle and personnel locations and their proximity to each other. The GPS – VHF peer to peer system ensures that equipped vehicles, personnel and infrastructure are always visible and identifiable to operators via a simple intuitive graphical HMI display. The 50-channel industrial GPS provides reliable 3D positioning, thereby minimizing the need for surface-based repeaters. Should repeaters already be installed, the majority could be integrated with the ICAS product for production planning and monitoring. ICAS eliminates reporting of lesser important targets and only displays vehicles, pedestrians and infrastructure that could be collided with, thereby further reducing the risk and uncertainty associated with working and interacting with vehicles in a dangerous and congested environment with limited visibility.


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